Friday 26 July 2019 / 6:00 AM Andy McDonald / Transport

Boris Johnson has suddenly discovered that the north of England exists – Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to Boris Johnson’s hints in Parliament that he supports the Crossrail for the North railway scheme, said:

“Boris Johnson has suddenly discovered that the north of England exists. Labour is already committed to delivering Crossrail for the North – will the new Prime Minister match Labour’s commitment?

“In the 2017 General Election Labour committed to supporting the ambitions and aspirations of Transport for the North. We’ve promised the £10+ billion that’s necessary for initial funding for the first phases of the programme. And we’ve promised to provide the further funding that’s necessary for completing upgrades.

“The entire project will be in the order of £39bn and Labour is committed to that.

“The North as a whole needs an advanced railway network fit for the 21st century. That’s how we will connect the entire northern region and integrate its rail system fully with HS2. The North has been held back too long, and all elements of Labour’s plans are vital if the North is going to fulfil its immense potential.”