Wednesday 24 July 2019 / 7:40 PM Ian Lavery

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet of hardline conservatives will only represent the privileged few – Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party, commenting on Boris Johnson’s cabinet appointments, said:

“Boris Johnson’s first act as Prime Minister has been to appoint a cabinet of hardline conservatives who will only represent the privileged few.

“A Chancellor who’s consistently called for more tax cuts for big corporations, Home and Education secretaries who were sacked for breaches of national security and a Foreign Secretary who doesn’t know the importance of our ports.

“This out-of-touch cabinet pushed for nine years of damaging austerity, while demanding tax cuts for the super-rich and big corporations.

“We need a general election and a Labour government that will bring real change for the many, not the privileged few, which Johnson and his cabinet represent.”