Wednesday 5 September 2018 / 12:01 AM Bill Esterson / Brexit

A botched Tory Brexit will damage the British diet – Esterson

Bill Esterson MP, Labour’s Shadow International Trade Minister, responding to the ResPublica ‘Coming Home to Roost’ report, said:

“The warnings from the poultry industry show that Theresa May’s cliff edge Brexit will impact living standards and hit the kitchen tables of families up and down the country. Price rises could lock children out of a nutritionally balanced diet and widen the divide between rich and poor.

“A botched Tory Brexit will damage the British diet, from fried chicken to family dinners.

“It’s vital that all possible steps are taken to ensure that UK businesses and families don’t face uncertainty because of the stubbornness and pride of the Tories. Urgent action has to be taken to protect jobs, supply chains and the British diet.”