Wednesday 25 July 2018 / 6:25 PM Barbara Keeley / Social Care

Care complaints caused by cuts reveal need for Labour’s investment plan

Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Social Care, commenting on the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s Annual Review of complaints, said:

“Following eight years of swingeing cuts to local councils’ budgets, we see yet another increase in the level of complaints about local government and social care, which show issues with charging top-up fees, failure to find residential care places and ‘deserts’ of home care.

“It is clear that the cuts of £7 billion from adult social care budgets made under the Tories since 2010 are having a serious impact on the availability of adult social care and causing pressure on families to pay care fees they cannot afford.

“Labour would ease this crisis by investing £8 billion across the Parliament with £1 billion up front this year, increasing access to social care and lifting the quality of services.”