Monday 16 September 2019 / 10:01 AM Cat Smith / Voter ID

Cat Smith responds to the Association of Electoral Administrators’ position statement

Cat Smith MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Voter Engagement, responding to the Association of Electoral Administrators’ position statement, The Electoral Landscape in 2019, said:

“This damming report highlights the wilful neglect of this government towards our electoral system.

“It is widely accepted that our electoral laws are in desperate need of reform, yet the Tories have done nothing to address this. It was even the government’s refusal to innovate that led to the democratic disaster at European elections which saw thousands of electors denied their vote.

“We cannot allow the Tories to undermine our democratic processes, which is why we need a comprehensive review of our entire electoral framework as a matter of urgency.”



  • According to the AEA:

o  “Electoral legislation – some of it one hundred years old – is becoming ever less compatible with modern expectations and ways of working. Piecemeal attempts to update it is introducing unnecessary risk and inconsistency between different types of election.”

o  “Reform of funding and support mechanisms from government is vital. A more joined-up approach across government departments – including an acknowledgement of the huge changes electoral administration has seen in the last decade – is needed more than ever.”

o  “The time has come for the UKgovernment to take legitimate concerns raised by the us, the Electoral Commission and other stakeholders seriously, and before any major incident occurs that has a negative effect on the trust citizens have with the electoral process.”

o  “A root and branch review of election delivery must happen, with the concerns of those on the frontline heard and understood.”

o  “Electoral reform is needed urgently as the current system is no longer fit for purpose. The electoral community cannot continue performing miracles.”