Monday 5 October 2020 / 4:00 PM Chi Onwurah / Post

Chi Onwurah comments on Horizon Post Office scandal following Urgent Question

Chi Onwurah MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Minister, commenting on the Horizon scandal following the Urgent Question about the Post Office’s decision not to oppose 44 convictions referred for appeal by the CCRC, said:

“The Horizon Post Office scandal has been a decades-long ordeal.

“Imprisonment and bankruptcy just scratch the surface of what many of these sub-postmasters went through. Some lost their homes, their reputations, even their lives.

“We welcome the Post Office’s recent decision not to contest a number of appeals, a tacit admission of its wrongdoing, but it’s not enough.

“These may be ‘historic failings’ but the effects are still being felt today, and there are so many other names to clear.

“The Government has dragged its feet at every turn. Only last week after sustained pressure did it finally announce a judge-led inquiry, and it has specifically ruled compensation out of the inquiry’s terms of reference.

“These developments are no thanks to Ministers, but thanks to the efforts of the campaigners and brave sub-postmasters who never gave up on their fight for justice.”