Wednesday 10 April 2019 / 2:51 PM Cat Smith / Voter ID

Chloe Smith compares voter fraud to rape – Cat Smith demands apology

Cat Smith MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Voter Engagement, commenting on Cabinet Office Minister Chloe Smith’s comparison of voter fraud to rape, said:


“The minister’s comments in the House were disgraceful and bizarre. Rape is not a political football – and it is appallingly widespread, while still underreported.


“By contrast, voter fraud in polling stations is thankfully incredibly rare. It’s clear the Tories are clutching at straws in order to try to justify a voter ID scheme that will make it harder for low income and BAME voters to use their democratic rights.


“Chloe Smith must apologise for her reckless comments.”




Notes to editors


  • The then-Vice Chair of Chloe Smith’s own Conservative Association admitted three counts of election fraud last week:
  • Responding to a UQ in the Commons today, Chloe Smith responded to the question of why the government is focusing on Voter ID when there are few instances of voter fraud: “I ask her would she have said that decades ago about, for example, rape”.
  • Voter registration for the local elections in England closes this Friday.
  • Out of over 44 million votes cast in different UK elections in the 2017, there were just 28 allegations of voter fraud in polling stations. The number falls to 8 cases out of 7.5 million votes in 2018.
  • Rape remains significantly underreported, with Crime Survey of England and Wales figures much higher than police report figures.

Police recorded 53,970 rape offences.

ONS, Sexual offending: Home Office appendix tables, Table 1, 13 December 2018  

The CSEW estimated there were 107,000 victims of rape.

ONS, Sexual offending: CSEW appendix tables, Table 2, 13 December 2018,