Sunday 27 October 2019 / 8:45 AM Jeremy Corbyn / Scotland

Corbyn: Labour will take on the wealthy and powerful to deliver real change Scotland needs

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn will promise today (Sunday 27 October) that the next Labour government will “take on the wealthy and powerful”.

The Labour Leader will set out Labour’s offer to Scotland in a speech at a Unite conference in Ayr tomorrow morning, promising to take on the “vested interests holding people back” to put power and wealth in the hands of the many.

After spending today campaigning in marginal seats Motherwell and Wishaw and Inverclyde, Jeremy Corbyn will outline Labour’s plans to invest £70 billion in public services and infrastructure in Scotland, give over 700,000 workers a pay rise of thousands of pounds, including £1,200 per year to those working an average hourly wage of £9.10; and to save over half a million Scots from the “indignity, suffering and misery” of Universal Credit.

Speaking at Unite Scotland Policy Conference in this morning, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to say:

“Labour stands for the real change that our country needs after years of Conservative cuts to vital services and tax handouts to the richest.

“We will deliver the investment that Scotland desperately needs to transform the economy, rebuild our communities and public services and build a fairer, more equal and just society.

“We will introduce a Real Living Wage, giving three quarters of a million Scots a huge pay rise and we will scrap Universal Credit, saving over half a million Scots from the indignity, suffering and misery that the Tories have unleashed.

“Real change won’t come easily – it never does. But Labour will not shy away from taking on the wealthy and the powerful vested interests holding people back. We will put wealth and power in the hands of the many.

“We have a once-in-a-generation chance to rebuild and transform our country so that no one is held back and no community is left behind.”



Notes to Editors:

  • According to the House of Commons library, when Universal Credit is fully rolled out 596,000 people will be claiming Universal Credit. Universal Credit roll out by constituency

  • House of Commons Library research has shown that in Scotland 24% of people in employment were earning below £10 per hour (720,723 people). Labour assumed a cautious estimate of £9.10 as the average hourly rate being earned by these workers and working hours of 37.5 hours per week. A worker earning £9.10 per hour would receive a pay rise of £1,193 after tax per annum.