Saturday 26 October 2019 / 9:59 AM Jeremy Corbyn / Scotland

Corbyn: Only Labour can stop Johnson and transform Scotland

Addressing a rally in Inverclyde today (Saturday 26th October) Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, will say that only a Labour government in Westminster can stop Boris Johnson, deliver the investment and economic transformation Scotland needs and deliver a public vote to let the people decide on Brexit.

The Labour Leader will tour marginal constituencies in Scotland this weekend, visiting Motherwell and Wishaw this afternoon for a community organising event and campaigning with Labour’s candidate Angela Feeney, before heading to Inverclyde for a rally with Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard and Labour’s candidate Martin McCluskey and local activists.

Jeremy Corbyn will promise that the next Labour government will transform Scotland’s economy by delivering a £70 billion investment fund, end in-work poverty and introduce a Real Living Wage of at least £10 per hour which will deliver a pay rise of over a thousand pounds for almost 15,000 workers in Motherwell and 10,000 workers in Inverclyde.

New analysis published by the Labour Party also shows that the party’s promise to scrap Universal Credit will spare 13,000 people in Motherwell and Wishaw and a further 11,500 people in Inverclyde from the inhumane flagship Tory welfare policy. In government, Labour will scrap Universal Credit and immediately introduce a package of emergency measures to end its worst aspects, including the benefit cap, the two child limit, punitive sanctions regime and the five week wait for an initial payment.

According to figures released today by Labour, under Tory plans more than 5,000 households in Motherwell and Wishaw will lose their free TV licence, along with a further 5,000 households in Inverclyde. Almost 1 in 4 households in Motherwell are currently living in fuel poverty, rising to almost 1 in 3 in Inverclyde.


Addressing a rally in Inverclyde this evening, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP is expected to say:

“Communities across Scotland have been blighted by the grotesque inequality and poverty caused by nine years of vicious austerity and Tory cuts.

“Poverty and inequality are not inevitable. In the fifth richest country in the world no one should be living in fuel poverty, no one should be working for poverty wages and nobody should be forced to fill in a four page form to prove that their child was born as a result of rape or suffer under the Tories’ pernicious sanctions regime.

“Our NHS has been left on its knees, in need of billions of pounds more funding after years of reckless SNP cuts.

“It is a Labour government in Westminster that will deliver the investment that Scotland so desperately needs. We will transform Scotland’s economy, rebuild our communities and public services and end the evil of in-work poverty.

“We have a once-in-a-generation chance to deliver the real change that our country needs. Only a Labour government can stop Boris Johnson, kick the Tories who think they are born to rule out of Downing Street and deliver a public vote that will let the people decide on Brexit.”



Notes to Editors:

  • Universal Credit by constituency:

  • Fuel poverty by constituency:

  • The number of households that are likely to lose their free TV licenses under Tory plans has been calculated from the government’s statistics on household constituency and age showing 5,400 households affected in Motherwell and Wishaw and 4,940 in Inverclyde

  • House of Commons Library research has shown that in Motherwell and Wishaw 33.3% of people in employment (14,652 people) and in Inverclyde 39.5% of people in employment (10,665 people) were earning below £10 per hour (720,723 people). As an example, a worker earning £9.10 per hour, working 37.5 hour sa week, would receive a pay rise of £1,193 after tax per annum under Labour’s Real Living Wage.
  • In its annual report on the health service, Audit Scotland warns that health and social care funding will face a £1.8billion shortfall by 2024 without significant reforms. A total of £914million of hospital and maintenance repairs are needed, after capital funding cuts of 63 per cent have been imposed by the SNP

  • In government, Labour will scrap Universal Credit and immediately end the worst aspects of Universal Credit, including:

o  Ending the benefit cap and the two child limit, which alone will stop up to 300,000 more children being pushed into poverty;

o  Immediately suspending the punitive sanctions regime, which has been ineffective at supporting people back to work and has instead pushed people into poverty and reliance on food banks;

o  Ending Universal Credit’s “digital only” requirement, which excludes people who cannot access the internet or are not computer literate, and recruiting 5000 additional advisors to deliver this change;

o  Switching to split payments and fortnightly payments, including an automatic interim payment to end the five week wait.

  • Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell committed Labour to eliminating in-work poverty in the first term of a Labour government.

  • A Right to Food: Labour will halve food bank usage within its first year in office and set a target of ending the need for food banks altogether within its first three years.