Monday 25 November 2019 / 4:58 PM DFID / International Development

Dan Carden responds to allegations of abuses in a CDC-backed company

Responding to allegations of abuses by Feronia, a company the CDC has a 38% share in, Dan Carden, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, said:

“This latest set of allegations against Feronia suggest horrific violations of workers’ rights and the environment are taking place in the DRC – by a company which this country’s development bank is a major shareholder in.

“We urgently need detailed answers to what has happened. If these latest reports are true, it is utterly disgraceful that under Tory leadership, the CDC has financed abuse through precious taxpayer money earmarked to support international development worldwide.

“Labour is committed to radically overhauling the CDC Group to transform it into a green development bank focused on achieving social and environmental goals. Crucially, Labour will ensure that all companies backed by the CDC provide guarantees of minimum pay and conditions for all employees.”