Thursday 18 July 2019 / 3:46 PM Defence / Nia Griffith

Defence Fire and Rescue outsourced to Capita – Nia Griffith responds

Nia Griffith MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the government’s decision to outsource the Defence Fire and Rescue Service to Capita and to award £10m to Serco in an out of court settlement, said:


“It beggars belief that the Conservatives have awarded this service to a company that has failed so appallingly to deliver its existing defence contracts. Capita has made a total mess of Army recruitment, and yet Ministers seem hell-bent on privatising as many MoD services as possible, without any consideration of the costs to our Armed Forces or the taxpayer.


“This service should never have been privatised in the first place when it is being delivered well in House. The decision to award £10m of taxpayers’ money to Serco just adds insult to injury and highlights the true cost of the Conservatives’ ideological obsession with outsourcing.


“The next Labour government will carry out an immediate review of significant service contracts that have been outsourced by the MoD. Where they are not delivering, and where they are failing our personnel and the taxpayer, we will have no hesitation in bringing these contracts back in-house.”




Notes to Editors


  1. The Defence Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for protecting MoD staff and infrastructure, both overseas and in the UK, including nuclear submarine bases, airfields and ammunition, and munition facilities.


  1. The Financial Times reported that Capita was awarded the maximum possible risk rating of 10/10, and its financial health score was just 3/100 by the MoD, meaning that it may be “vulnerable and should be viewed with care”.


  1. The MoD’s full statement announcing the decision can be viewed here


  1. 4. Serco launched a legal challenge to the outsourcing process, leading to them being awarded £10m in an out-of-court settlement.