Wednesday 10 February 2021 / 12:39 PM Ed Miliband / Energy

Ed Miliband comments on reports of funding cut to Green Homes Grant scheme

Ed Miliband MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on the Guardian report on funding cut from the Green Homes Grant scheme, said:

“This makes a mockery of the Government’s commitments on climate change and a green recovery.

“It is outrageous that the Government is withdrawing funding promised to help insulate people’s homes. They are denying homeowners the energy improvements they need, denying installers the work they need and denying the country the green transition we need.

“To top it all off, it is their own mismanagement of this programme that means only a fraction of this funding looks set to be spent.

“Ministers must make good on their funding promise and reverse this farcical decision by rolling all the underspend over into 2021.”