Saturday 10 August 2019 / 12:07 PM Brexit / Environment / Luke Pollard

Email slip-up reveals no-deal fishing patrol ‘uncertainty’ – Pollard

Luke Pollard MP, Shadow Fisheries Minister, commenting on the leaked DEFRA  email revealing Britain could struggle to stop illegal fishing after a No Deal Brexit, said:

“This revelation shows the chaos and damage a No Deal Brexit would inflict right across our country and economy.

“Fishing communities are used to a diet of betrayal by this Government. Michael Gove when in DEFRA reneged on his gold-plated promises that fishing would be excluded from the Brexit transition.

“Those who risk their lives every day to catch our fish suppers need the Government to fight for them and their livelihoods with robust determination and adequate resources. From yesterday’s threats and last year’s scallop dispute we can expect French fishermen to be fully prepared to test our lines.

“Labour will be onto the Government if their inadequate preparations and defence of our fishing industry allow others to bully their way into our waters.”