Wednesday 23 September 2020 / 11:23 AM Business / Ed Miliband

Essential that public health measures go hand in hand with economic support – Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Business Secretary, commenting on concerns from businesses about the impact of new Covid-19 restrictions, said:

“We support the introduction of new restrictions to tackle this virus, but we cannot escape the massive economic challenge it creates. It is essential that public health measures go hand in hand with economic support, or we will see disaster for many businesses and workers.

“Businesses are already having to contribute to the costs of furlough, putting jobs at risk, and we are now perilously close to the furlough cliff-edge. Labour has outlined an alternative – the Job Recovery Scheme. This would enable businesses in key sectors to bring back staff on reduced hours with government backing wages for the rest of the working week, saving jobs and giving businesses the certainty they need.

“The Government must urgently outline today the measures they will take to prevent mass unemployment. They must not delay any further because businesses will be taking decisions in the coming days about what their response will be. They need to know that the government will stand behind them.”