Thursday 18 July 2019 / 1:09 PM The Latest from Labour

More failing government ICT projects – Jo Platt responds

Jo Platt MP, Labour Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, commenting on the latest Infrastructure and Projects Authority annual report, which shows a growing number of failing ICT projects, said:

“ICT development across government is in a sorry state and this report further confirms it.

“It is simply not acceptable that a significant number of high profile ICT projects are now much less likely to deliver their objectives to time and cost, but the confirmation that Verify has now been designated unachievable will not surprise anyone who has been following its chaotic development.

“Distracted by in-fighting and obsessed with austerity, the Conservatives are unfit to deliver modern government and the public are paying the price. The Government should immediately commit to conducting a comprehensive review of all major ICT systems, both current and in development, and the risks posed by their failure”.



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