Thursday 7 March 2019 / 12:01 AM Gordon Marsden / University

Gordon Marsden comments on HEPI report

Gordon Marsden MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Higher Education, commenting on the HEPI report on students backing bailout plans for struggling universities, said:

“The Tories’ reckless free market experiment in higher education is leaving some universities perilously close to the brink, with reports of emergency loans and providers on the edge of bankruptcy.

“Now it is clear that their policy of simply allowing providers to collapse would be rejected by students, as well as being a disaster for the staff and communities of institutions affected.

“Students are right to think that the government needs to step in to support universities and not leave them at the whims of market forces.

“The next Labour government would require the regulator to ensure that universities are financially sustainable, and to provide emergency support where it is needed.”