Thursday 22 August 2019 / 6:54 AM Energy

Government doing little to deliver on net zero emissions – Danielle Rowley

Danielle Rowley MP, Labour’s Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Minister, responding to The Science and Technology Committee’s report which highlights the lack of government policies in place to deliver the net zero target by 2050, said:

“This report shows, yet again, just how little this government is doing to deliver on the vital commitment to net zero. 

“It highlights the catalogue of damaging decisions made by recent Conservative governments, for example bringing about a rapid decline in the uptake of solar and onshore wind. 

“At a time when all policies should take account of environmental impact, bus and train fares have been allowed to increase year on year, often making driving the more affordable option.  

“If the government was serious about taking the urgent action needed on the climate emergency it would take immediate steps today, for example banning fracking, overturning its effective ban on onshore wind, and extending free bus travel to all under 25s.”