Friday 9 November 2018 / 1:08 PM Fishing / Luke Pollard

The Government is not playing straight with fishing communities

Luke Pollard MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for fisheries, flooding, water and coastal communities, commenting on reports that the EU may demand fishing rights in British waters as the price for an all-UK Brexit backstop, said:

“The Tories have repeatedly made promises on fishing that they had no intention of keeping. Our coastal towns deserve better than a government that won’t play straight with them, and holds them back with austerity.

“May and the Cabinet have chosen to give their time and energy to arguing amongst themselves – and it’s coastal communities and the fishing industry who will suffer as a result.

“We export most of what we catch and import most of what we eat, so the Tories’ plan threatens the prosperity of the fishing industry, which needs to sell fish, and UK consumers, who want to buy their dinner.”