Monday 27 July 2020 / 12:35 AM Nick Thomas-Symonds

Gov’t needs ‘proper contingency plans’ for those returning from Spain who may not be able to work flexibly – Nick Thomas-Symonds

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting further on the recently announced quarantine measures for those traveling to the UK from Spain, said:

“Labour has made clear that it supports evidence-based protective measures at the border.

“We have long called for all the scientific evidence to be made public and for a ramped-up track trace and isolate system to be in place so as to avoid the need for the blunt tool of 14-day quarantine.

“The Government’s policy regarding travel restrictions has lacked grip and coherence from the outset.

“This latest decision-making process regarding Spain and the short-notice for travellers has created a sense of panic and loss of control.

“The Government should have proper contingency plans to support people coming home where there is no guarantee their employers will allow them 14 days of work flexibility.

“And it is high time that a sector-specific deal for aviation is introduced as quarantine measures continue to affect the travel industry.”