Thursday 18 July 2019 / 4:42 PM Lyn Brown

HMG still in denial about social injustice – Lyn Brown

Lyn Brown MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister, responding to the government’s claim today to “taking long-term steps to tackle poverty”  despite there being half a million more children in poverty today than in 2010, said:

“Today’s paltry response from the Government shows the Tories are in denial about the social injustice in our country.

“The number of children in poverty has risen by half a million under Tory and Lib Dem governments, and a million more children are likely to be pushed into poverty by 2024 because of the Conservatives’ agenda. And 70% of these children are in families with at least one parent in work, because work doesn’t pay the bills.

“In my area, you can’t pay the rent on one of the cheapest homes with the lowest quarter of pay packets. That’s why John McDonnell committed Labour to eliminating in-work poverty within the first five years of the next Labour Government. It can be done with ambition and coordination across Government departments, and independent voices to hold the whole Government to account.

“Labour will create a new Social Justice Commission with the freedom to scrutinise policies and push for change, and match that with a Minister for Social Justice to drive our agenda for fairness forward.”



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