Thursday 23 August 2018 / 9:16 AM Angela Rayner / Education

Huge congratulations to everyone receiving their GCSE results – Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Education Secretary, commenting on students receiving their GCSE results today, said:

“A huge congratulations to everyone receiving their GCSE results today.

“I pay tribute to students for their results and to their parents, teachers and head teachers for their hard work in getting here.

“As young people start a new chapter in their lives, whether in further education or work, it’s really important they receive the opportunities they deserve.

“For the last eight years, the Tories have failed to support young people in accessing those opportunities. Year after year, Ministers have made it harder for young people to achieve.

“The next Labour government will do things differently. We will offer support to students during and after their GCSEs, by increasing per pupil funding in real terms, and bringing back the Education Maintenance Allowance for those going in to further education.”