Sunday 30 September 2018 / 7:05 PM Barry Gardiner / International Trade

Hurling insults is no substitute for a proper trade strategy – Gardiner

Barry Gardiner MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, responding to Liam Fox’s speech to the Conservative Party conference, said:

“Liam Fox needs to understand that hurling insults at the leaders of other European countries is no substitute for a proper trade strategy.

“With the clock ticking down towards a no-deal Brexit, we run the real risk of losing all the beneficial trading arrangements we currently enjoy with the rest of the world.

“Only Labour has the policies in place to safeguard Britain’s exports and take forward our trading relationships with the EU and beyond.

“The Tories have nothing to offer British businesses except chaos and uncertainty. It’s time for Theresa May to make way for a Labour government before it’s too late.”