Sunday 14 January 2018 / 4:15 PM Justice / Richard Burgon

It is important that the victims of Worboys’ crimes and the wider public have faith in our justice system – Richard Burgon

Richard Burgon MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, responding to reports that the UK Justice Secretary is seeking legal advice over John Worboys’ release, said:

“It is important that the victims of Worboys’ crimes, as well as the wider public, have faith in our justice system. So it is right that the Ministry of Justice seeks advice on a Judicial Review of this case, as the rules permit.

“A Judicial Review would look at whether the Parole Board’s decision was taken properly, but there are wider questions that must also be answered. The Worboys case raises many serious questions that anything less than an independent end-to-end review into the handling of the case—from the first report to the police of an attack right through to the Parole Board hearing—would let down the victims and the wider public.”