Friday 23 August 2019 / 10:30 PM Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn speaking ahead of the G7

Speaking ahead of the G7 meeting, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“The governments of the G7 are key drivers of global inequality, as Oxfam’s new research reveals.

“They also have major responsibility for the climate emergency, which should be brought sharply into focus by the terrible fires in the Amazon.

“The UK should use its position in the G7, on the UN Security Council and the international financial institutions to promote policies to tackle the climate emergency and that are proven to reduce inequality and improve lives around the world, including universal healthcare, education and social security.

“Instead, this weekend we’ll see the ugly spectacle of our Prime Minister pursuing his Trump First policy, putting us at the mercy of a US administration that threatens peace, prosperity and the future of our planet.”