Thursday 18 October 2018 / 7:28 AM Brexit / Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn warns Tories won’t use Brexit to rebuild Britain

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, speaking ahead of a visit today to three East Midlands constituencies which voted strongly for Leave in 2016, said:

“I campaigned for remain and reform in the referendum of 2016. But I fully understand why many people in former coalfield and other communities voted to leave after decades of wealth, jobs and opportunities had been sucked out of these communities.

“Why would anyone who hasn’t had a pay rise in 10 years, can’t get a proper bus service in the evening or worries about sending their kids to university because of years of crunching debt, listen to politicians saying nothing really needs to change?

“But the Tories aren’t going to use Brexit to rebuild Britain. They want to use it to slash rights and protections and turbocharge their bankers-first market free-for-all.

“We are leaving the EU, but we will not support a deal cobbled together by a divided and chaotic Tory government if it’s going to make life tougher for millions of people.

“That’s why we have an alternative plan for a Brexit that guarantees jobs, rights and protections with a new deal with the Single Market, ensures no hard border in Ireland and supports UK manufacturing with a new customs union.

“But, even more important, Labour in government has a plan for a post-Brexit Britain where we use the powers available to kick start the economy and rebuild our industry, infrastructure and public services in all regions and nations of the UK.”