Wednesday 24 January 2018 / 10:39 AM Economy / John McDonnell

John McDonnell comment on revelations HMRC instructed not to be “too hard” on Amazon

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, commenting on revelations that HMRC was instructed not to be “too hard” on Amazon over its enforcement of VAT law, said:

“These are deeply worrying revelations. If true, the Government has serious questions to answer over why it continues to let big corporations off the hook.

“It further suggests that the concerns about the cosy deal struck with Google over its tax bill only a few years ago was not in isolation. And it also explains why this Government continually refuses to truly clamp down on tax avoidance in our country.

“The next Labour government will implement thorough measures to crack down on tax dodging under our Tax Transparency and Enforcement Programme. Unlike the Conservatives, we will create a country and an economy that works for the many, not the few.”