Tuesday 1 May 2018 / 9:45 AM Jon Trickett

Jon Trickett responds to blaming of senior civil servants for Amber Rudd’s resignation

In response to overnight newspaper reports citing Tory sources blaming senior civil servants for Amber Rudd’s resignation.

For example The Times reports that Amber Rudd was “badly let down” by civil servants according to unnamed sources.  It also quotes Downing Street “political aides” asking who briefed her.

Jon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, said:

“Now that Theresa May can no longer blame her Home Secretary for the Windrush mess, the Tories are turning their fire on to the civil servants.

“The roots of the Windrush scandal go back to Theresa May’s time as Home Secretary – she was the architect of it. So, the Prime Minister must come forward with a straight and comprehensive account of what she knew of the cruel “hostile environment” policy which was targeting British citizens who have lived here for generations.

“Theresa May said in 2004 that she’s “sick and tired” of ministers who blame officials when things go wrong. She must condemn outright these cynical attempts by her officials to smear and blame public servants for decisions taken by Tory ministers.”