Monday 9 December 2019 / 12:01 AM Jonathan Ashworth

Jonathan Ashworth comments on patient waiting times

Commenting on more than 5,000 patients waiting for longer than 12hrs in A&Es last week, Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth said:

“This report is shocking, and it is disturbing that in spite of everything we know about record long waiting times in A&E, the true picture is even worse.

“For patients to wait 12 hours and longer in A&E is a serious risk to their safety, let alone their comfort and dignity. This is a crisis made by 10 years of cuts and neglect by the Conservatives, and their abject record shows why it is impossible to trust Boris Johnson and the Tories on the NHS.

“Labour has a rescue plan to save the NHS with funding for the doctors, nurses and equipment the NHS needs to end this waiting crisis.”