Wednesday 1 July 2020 / 10:30 PM Cat Smith

Labour backs the youth sector’s call for young people to be allowed to question the Prime Minister on coronavirus

Labour is calling for young people to be allowed to put questions to the Prime Minister, as part of a wider plan for the government to better engage with and support them during the crisis.

This comes after Keir Starmer engaged with young people from across the country last week, to discuss the devastating impact of Covid-19 on youth mental health, employment and opportunities.  


Cat Smith MP, Shadow Minister for Young People stated:

“Voices of young people cannot continue to be ignored by this Government. Labour supports the youth sector’s call for the Prime Minister to hold a dedicated press conference for young people to address their questions on Covid-19. The government’s slow response to the Coronavirus crisis has overlooked the concerns and circumstances of young people.

“The Tories’ radio silence on the issue of young people’s future after Covid is unacceptable. Not one of the Government’s support packages have focused on the specific issues young people are facing.

“It is time the Government started listening to the young people still waiting to be heard.”