Friday 5 March 2021 / 10:11 AM Andy McDonald

Labour calls for an urgent end to meter readings during lockdown

Labour calls for an urgent end to meter readings during lockdown

The Labour Party has called for the government to make urgent changes to its guidance and bring an end to the internal reading of electric and gas meters during lockdown.

Under the first lockdown, Meter Readers were largely furloughed and their work considered non-essential as estimates could be used temporarily by utility companies. However internal meter readings have continued throughout this lockdown, despite the work entailing dangerous and potentially unlawful working conditions that put at risk workers and the wider public.

Meter reading has continued even in areas being tested for new variants, before the same readers were sent elsewhere for work. The work also continued across Tiers when the Tier system was in place.

Andy McDonald MP, Labour’s Shadow Employment Rights Secretary, commenting on the continuation of Meter Reading throughout the current lockdown, said:

“It is shocking that the Government has encouraged Meter Reading to continue through this lockdown, allowing workers to be sent to and from areas testing for new variants and between Tiers while visiting up to 200 homes a day.

“This irresponsible practice of risking the health and lives of Meter Readers and the wider public is completely at odds with public health objectives. The Government must urgently remove Meter Reading from the guidance on work that can continue in homes during lockdown, instructing this activity to stop.”