Friday 12 June 2020 / 6:00 PM Nick Thomas-Symonds

Labour calls on Prime Minister to take personal responsibility for leading the national response to this weekend’s protests

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary has called on the Prime Minister to rise to the challenge of this national moment of crisis, ahead of concerns around violent scenes this weekend, said:

“Over the past week, Keir Starmer and I have held several meetings with police representatives in England about this weekend’s protests.

“It is clear that the weekend ahead is likely to cause major challenges, with the risk of violence in our streets, not least as far-right extremists seeking to exploit the situation and sow hate for their own divisive ends.

“I have no doubt that police across the country have the skills, experience and dedication to respond as well as possible to the challenge, and the vast majority of protestors intend to be peaceful.

“However, the Prime Minister should be showing national leadership, by coordinating the Government’s response to the complex issues underpinning these protests.

“This means recognising the deep hurt so many Black people in our country have spoken so powerfully about, and setting our steps for meaningful action against racism in our country.

“This is a powerful moment in our history and it is important the Prime Minister is not found to be wanting.”