Tuesday 9 November 2021 / 2:57 PM Angela Rayner

Labour demands Deputy Prime Minister withdraw remarks saying a Conservative MP working from and advising a tax haven was “quite important” work

Angela Rayner, Labour’s Deputy Leader, has written to her opposite number Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab demanding that he apologise and withdraw comments that he made earlier today supporting Geoffrey Cox MP. Raab said that Cox – who was working from the British Virgin Islands advising the BVI government on how to handle an investigation by the British government into corruption – was doing work that is “quite important” and beneficial to Parliament.

Rayner says that Raab’s comments “typify the arrogant and out of touch approach of this corrupt Conservative government”. Rayner accuses Raab of insulting voters by “suggesting that this Conservative Member of Parliament was actually acting in the best interests of voters here in Britain” when he was in fact drawing a salary as a Member of Parliament whilst advising the government of the British Virgin Islands against our own government on how to defend against allegations of corruption.