Sunday 4 July 2021 / 10:30 PM Housing / Lucy Powell

Labour demands Ministers legislate to protect homeowners from colossal building remediation costs or risk Commons defeat, as Building Safety Bill published  

Ahead of the publication of the Building Safety Bill on Monday 5th July, Labour is demanding that the government legislate to ensure leaseholders cannot be billed for fire and building safety remediation works, or potentially face defeat on crucial clauses of the Bill.

There is a cross Party consensus that leaseholders should not pay, illustrated in the Fire Safety Act votes, which saw one of the biggest rebellions in this Parliament on this issue previously.

Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary Lucy Powell MP said: 

“Hundreds of thousands of innocent homeowners and tenants are suffering unbelievable pressure as a result of the government’s failure on cladding. Their approach so far has been marked by inertia and spiralling costs, with people trapped in unsafe, unsellable homes, facing unaffordable, unjust costs through no fault of their own.

“If Ministers do not legislate to safeguard leaseholders livelihoods, we will build on the big cross-Party consensus from the Fire Safety Act rebellions to defeat the government and protect homeowners from colossal costs. We’ll also work to establish a Building Works Agency – a crack team of experts that will go block by block, assessing risk, commissioning and funding necessary works, signing off buildings as safe, so that people can go on with their lives, and ensure the BWA has powers to go after those that caused this crisis in the first place for costs.”