Sunday 25 April 2021 / 10:56 AM Angela Rayner

Labour highlights Conservatives’ contempt for the country as Truss defends sleaze scandal

Labour is showcasing how it is prioritising the needs of the country as the Trade Minister went on television to defend the Conservatives’ legacy of sleaze.

Appearing on the BBC and Sky this morning, Liz Truss claimed the Prime Minister had publicly declared the costs of refurbishing the Downing Street flat. But she admitted she had not checked the details, and failed to answer more than 30 questions around who originally paid for the refurbishment and why this has not been declared, and other related issues.

Truss’s defence of sleaze comes as Labour is campaigning on its recovery plan to create jobs, protect the NHS and tackle crime.

Labour has launched a graphic highlighting Dominic Cummings’ explosive claims about his former boss’s lack of competence and integrity.


Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Deputy Leader, said:

“The stench of sleaze coming from the Conservatives is overwhelming.

“As a first step to start cleaning it up, they need to immediately publish the delayed Register of Ministers’ Interests and publish who benefited from their VIP fast lane. And we need an investigation to find out who paid for the Prime Minister’s redecoration of Downing Street and when.

“The choice at these elections is clear: incompetent Boris Johnson’s Conservatives doing favours for their mates, or Keir Starmer’s Labour putting the priorities of the British people first with a plan to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, give our NHS staff a pay rise and tackle anti-social behaviour.”