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Labour launch industrial strategy consultation

Labour launch a wide-ranging consultation with businesses, trade unions, the
third sector, the public and others about the priorities, interventions,
institutions and processes that will shape our industrial strategy. Led by
Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Clive
Lewis MP, and Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah MP, the
consultation will be open for six weeks and invites contributions on a broad
range of questions crucial to the future of Britain’s economy. These are set
out on the consultation website,

consultation follows a speech delivered by the Shadow Business Secretary last
year, in which he committed a future Labour Government to ensuring 60 per cent of our energy comes from low carbon or renewable
sources by 2030, and promised that achieving this goal would
boost UK competitiveness in green energy industries and create good jobs in
post-industrial areas.

Industrial Strategy Green Paper was promised by the Tory Government last
September but has been repeatedly delayed.[2]

Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and
Industrial Strategy

our world class universities to our talented population, Britain has enormous
strengths. But we are not currently realising our full potential. Starved of
investment, productivity trails behind our rivals, and our balance of payments
deficit presents a mounting threat. For too long, the benefits of growth have
not been shared across the country. Only a bold, transformative industrial
strategy can fix these problems.

year I set out Labour’s vision for a high-skill, high-wage, high-productivity
economy, and promised that Labour will work in partnership with business and
trade unions to develop an industrial strategy that will bring good jobs to
every corner of the country. This consultation will help us develop the
specific policies and interventions to make this vision a reality. I urge
everyone to get involved – together we can deliver an economy that is stronger,
fairer, and sustainable.”

Onwurah MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy
, said:

need an industrial strategy to deliver the high-skill,
high-wage economy the British people want.

the Government dithers around Tory party internal politics, Labour is getting
on with the job. Our industrial strategy will be challenge-led,
mission-orientated, values-driven and reflect the contributions of stakeholders
large and small. Please get involved and have your say on the jobs of the