Wednesday 10 October 2018 / 2:56 PM Angela Rayner / Education

Labour slams PM’s misleading claims at PMQ’s and calls on May to apologise and correct record

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, responding to Theresa May’s use of misleading statistics on education and schools funding at Prime Minister’s Questions, two days after the UK Statistics Authority rebuked the Education Secretary for using the same statistics, said:

“It is almost beyond belief that the Prime Minister would use this utterly discredited claim in the very week that the official statistics watchdog has made clear that the government should stop making it. Either this is a government in such total chaos that the Prime Minister was not even aware of the ruling by the UK Statistics Authority, or she has deliberately repeated a wildly misleading figure in defiance of independent advice and in the full knowledge that it is wildly misleading.

“Her claims on school funding are no better. The Tories have already cut billions of pounds from school budgets, and per pupil funding is falling, not rising, in real terms.

“It is a clear breach of the ministerial code to deliberately mislead Parliament. The Prime Minister must now apologise, correct the record and accept the reality: her government has imposed swingeing cuts on schools and there is no reliable evidence for their claims to have improved standards.

“If austerity really is over, this month’s Budget must reverse the cuts to education and provide the investment our schools, nurseries and colleges so desperately need.”