Friday 6 November 2020 / 4:00 PM Stephen Kinnock

Labour will continue to press government to work with UN partners to uphold rule of law in Myanmar

Stephen Kinnock MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific, ahead of the Myanmar general election taking place on Sunday, said:

“The persecution of the Rohingya by the Myanmar government and military continues to be of grave concern to the Labour Party, and we are acutely aware that the general election taking place in the country on Sunday (8 November) is going ahead under what the UN has described as a ‘policy of apartheid,’ with the Rohingya barred from voting.

“We will continue to press the UK government to work more effectively with our allies and partners in the UN and other international organisations, to uphold the rule of law in Myanmar and to defend the human rights of the Rohingya.

“This should involve strengthening sanctions against the Myanmar military and formally supporting the Gambia’s genocide case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice. The government must put protection of human rights at the heart of its foreign policy.”