Wednesday 27 November 2019 / 12:05 AM Ian Lavery

Labour will halve food bank usage in a year – Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery, Labour Party Chair, responding to figures showing an increase in food bank use, said:

“While so many of us will enjoy indulging over the Christmas period, it is a total scandal that more families than ever will be relying on food handouts just to save them from going hungry.

“The appalling rise in food bank use reflects the cruelty of Tory austerity. Boris Johnson’s born-to-rule Conservatives don’t seem to care that when they sit down for their Christmas dinners, hundreds of thousands of families will be relying on the kindness of strangers just to survive.

“This is not inevitable. The next Labour government will halve food bank usage within a year and remove the need for them altogether in three years. That is the real change that Britain needs.”