Wednesday 27 November 2019 / 8:47 PM Campaigns

Labour’s people powered campaign hits £2.5 million in small donations

In the month since the general election was announced, Labour’s campaign for real change has received small donations totalling more than £2.5 million. Two thirds of donations are less than £20, with those of £100 or less making up 98 per cent of Labour’s donations.

Labour is funded by hundreds of thousands of people who want to transform our country to put wealth and power in the hands of the many.

In contrast, the Conservatives are funded by a wealthy few, with a third of Britain’s billionaires donating to the party.

Conservative donors include Lubov Chernukhin, whose husband Vladimir was formerly a minister in the Russian government of Vladimir Putin. Previously she had won an £160,000 auction bid to play tennis with Boris Johnson.

It is no surprise that the richest few are pouring money into the Conservative Party. They don’t want any change because the system is working just fine for them.

But it isn’t working at all for millions of people. Labour offers real change and this is why so many people are donating what they can to the party.

Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s campaign co-ordinator, said:

“Our campaign is inspiring people all over the country to donate what they can – no matter how big or small – to help our people powered movement bring real change to our country.

“People know that a Labour government will be on the side of the many in our communities, while the Conservatives represent the vested interests and a wealthy few.

“Our movement is powered by people and volunteers making contributions they can afford. The Conservative Party manifesto was bought by billionaires and the rest of us will pay for it.“