Wednesday 1 September 2021 / 5:37 PM Foreign Policy / Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy responds to Dominic Raab’s appearance at Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, responding to the Foreign Secretary’s appearance at the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said:

“This was a staggeringly poor showing from a Foreign Secretary who is completely out of his depth. Unprepared for hard questions. Unwilling to admit mistakes. Unable to answer basic questions about how many British nationals have been left behind. Unsure who he had spoken to, about what or when. Unable to offer any advice to those still in danger in Afghanistan.

“Despite his own department’s clear warnings weeks before Kabul fell, the Foreign Secretary was asleep at the wheel. He could have stepped up the evacuation, issued warnings to British nationals and increased resources in his department. Instead he chose to go on holiday. Today’s committee session was a moment for humility and accountability, a chance to take responsibility for the chaotic failures that brought us to this point. Instead, he refused to apologise to troops who had to fly into danger to do a dangerous and difficult job because he hadn’t done his.

“Britain is now weaker in the world and faces greater threats to our national security. Nobody could watch today’s session and conclude we have a government capable of rising to the challenge.”