Tuesday 24 July 2018 / 10:34 AM Disabilities / Marsha de Cordova

Marsha de Cordova responds to the UK government hosting the Global Disability Summit

Marsha de Cordova MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Disabled People, responding to the UK government hosting the Global Disability Summit, said:

“Today the government will try to present itself as a world leader on disability rights. Disabled people know that it is anything but.

“The government’s hypocrisy is shocking. Two years ago the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities condemned this Tory government’s record on disability rights, yet today it is Penny Mordaunt – a former Minister for Disabled People in a government roundly condemned by the UN for “grave and systematic” violations of disabled people’s rights – that is hosting this summit.

“This government treats disabled people with disdain and contempt, from cuts to Personal Independence Payment, underpaid of Employment and Support Allowance to 70,000 and Work Capability Assessments carried out by profit-driven companies that have been linked to a dramatic increase in the number of disabled people attempting suicide.

“Tory austerity has created a human catastrophe for disabled people that shames this country”.