Saturday 8 January 2022 / 1:23 PM Housing / Matthew Pennycook

Matthew Pennycook comments on reports of a Government statement on leaseholders

Matthew Pennycook MPLabour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to reports of a Government statement next week on leaseholders and removing dangerous cladding, said:

“We await the full details, but on the face of it these proposals appear far less significant than they sound.

“There is nothing new for the significant numbers of leaseholders facing huge bills to fix non-cladding defects; no guarantee that the cost of remediating buildings under 18 metres won’t be drawn from already allocated public funding; no help for the countless leaseholders currently mired in mortgage chaos; and no change in the Government’s position on leaseholder liability.

“Any further measures that help resolve the building safety crisis are welcome but blameless leaseholders are being hit with bills right now. If the Secretary of State is serious about doing the right thing, he needs to ensure leaseholders are fully protected in law from the costs of fixing all historic defects by amending the Government’s Building Safety Bill.”