Tuesday 27 February 2018 / 1:16 PM John McDonnell / Local Government

McDonnell demands Chancellor acts as even Hammond’s local council faces “crisis”

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, has called on Philip Hammond to bring forward resources to help local authorities meet the “financial crisis” many of them face due to central Government spending cuts.

The Shadow Chancellor cited Philip Hammond’s own local Tory Council leader David Hodge, who yesterday described the £200 million spending cuts since 2010 faced by his council as a “financial crisis”, and called on the chancellor to act not “stand idly by when Rome burns.”

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, speaking after Treasury Questions today in the House of Commons, said:

“This is a major humiliation for Philip Hammond. If the Chancellor cannot convince one of his closest local political allies to trust his central economic policy, why should the rest of the country?

“The fact that the Chancellor’s own local Tory council is calling on him to act shows not only how divided their party is, but also how their continued cuts are losing credibility among their closest allies.

“The Chancellor is doing all he can to play down the importance of next month’s Spring Statement, to bury his head in the sand, and avoid taking the real action our economy needs. Labour are demanding he take this opportunity to address the crisis almost eight years of austerity has created in our children’s services.

“The next Labour government will end austerity and provide the proper resources our communities need to build the high wage, high skill economy for the many, not the few.”