Tuesday 12 November 2019 / 3:03 PM Economy / John McDonnell

McDonnell says Javid running scared over fake news claims as debate shelved

John McDonnell has accused Sajid Javid of ‘running scared’ after it was confirmed the Tory Chancellor has refused to take part in a live TV debate.

Labour has today been informed that the proposed 90 minute set piece on Sunday 17 November has been shelved.

McDonnell said Javid’s decision showed he was afraid to defend Tory ‘fake news’ claims about Labour’s spending plans.

The Shadow Chancellor formally agreed 10 days ago to go up against Javid. However, Javid has now confirmed he will not take part.

John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, said:

“Sajid Javid is running scared of debating with me and completely understandably, as the Tories are inventing silly figures which Labour would pull apart in a public debate.

“Clearly the Tories can’t even cost their own programme.

“Let me make it completely clear that the figures published by the Tories about Labour’s spending plans are fake news and I reiterate that income tax rates under Labour won’t rise for 95 per cent of people and that only the top 5 per cent would pay more. There will also be no VAT increases under Labour.”