Wednesday 6 November 2019 / 8:44 AM Barbara Keeley / Mental Health

Mental-health beds shortage – Barbara Keeley responds

Barbara Keeley, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care, commenting on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ research that shows people are travelling hundreds of miles from home as there aren’t any mental health beds locally, said:

“The government has completely failed to fix the crisis in mental health care, cutting beds but failing to invest in community mental health support, leaving staff with no other choice but to send patients long distances to receive the help they need.

“No one should be sent far away from home for mental health treatment but this is the reality for hundreds of patients every year.

“Labour will end out of area placements and invest properly in mental health services so that funding reaches the front line of services.”


Notes to Editors:

  • The number of inappropriate out-of-area placements at any one time has been consistently between 700 and 800 patients in recent months, after dipping below 600 towards the end of 2018.