Monday 19 April 2021 / 9:55 AM Angela Rayner / Apprenticeships

New figures show Tories have sold out Hartlepool on jobs and apprenticeships – Angela Rayner

Rayner: New figures show how Tories have sold out Hartlepool on jobs and apprenticeships

New analysis by Labour has exposed the Conservative government’s record of failure on jobs in Hartlepool.

Manufacturing jobs have more than halved, 1,600 skilled jobs have been lost and apprenticeship starts are at a 10-year low in the town.

After a decade of Tory rule in Westminster, statistics show:

  • There are 1,600 fewer jobs in skilled trade occupations in Hartlepool than a decade ago, a fall of nearly a third. This includes 500 jobs lost in skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades and 700 jobs lost in skilled manufacturing.
  • The number of manufacturing jobs in Hartlepool has more than halved since 2010, with 3,500 jobs lost in the sector.
  • Manufacturing jobs for younger workers have fallen by nearly two thirds since 2010.
  • House of Commons Library analysis shows that 33 per cent of jobs in Hartlepool are in sectors excluded from the Government’s much-lauded Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which provides post-pandemic training for adults.

Apprenticeship starts are at a 10-year low, with just 720 new starts in Hartlepool. Figures also show:

  • The North East has seen the second highest decline in participation in adult education in the last four years, including apprenticeships, and had the lowest number of learners in adult education out of all regions in 2019/20.
  • Apprenticeship numbers are down nearly 30 per cent in the last six years in the Hartlepool local authority area.
  • The Hartlepool constituency has seen a 13 per cent decrease in apprenticeship starts since 2010.

The figures come ahead of a visit from Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, to the town on Monday. Rayner and Labour’s Parliamentary candidate, Dr Paul Williams, will visit Hartlepool College to meet apprentices.

As part of his plan for Hartlepool, Williams wants to help create new jobs in the town and double apprenticeships through a new Business Leadership Board. The scheme would also guarantee Hartlepool’s first ever annual jobs fair with colleges and local businesses, to be held within a year of his election as MP.

Labour has also called on the Government to intervene to save jobs at Liberty Steel, and to commit to a new nuclear powerplant, securing skilled jobs once the current station is decommissioned.

Speaking ahead of her visit to Hartlepool, Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, said:

“We were promised levelling up but under the Tories the people of Hartlepool have been let down and sold out.

“Dr Paul Williams will deliver the apprenticeships and the good, skilled jobs that we need in the town so that Hartlepool can thrive and young people don’t have to leave to get on in life.

“The choice on May 6th is clear – a vote for Dr Paul Williams to deliver the good jobs that the people of Hartlepool deserve, or a Tory candidate who will stand back as the Tory government in Westminster fails to deliver for the town.”

Dr Paul Williams said: “These figures show the stark impact of more than a decade of Tory rule on our industry.

“We’ve all seen the evidence that if you’re mates with a member of Boris Johnson’s Cabinet, you can be sure of securing lucrative contracts worth millions in taxpayers’ cash.

“Young people in Hartlepool and other manufacturing towns like ours are seeing their opportunities diminish, while the Conservatives carry on putting their cronies first.”