Wednesday 25 September 2019 / 5:06 PM Andrew Gwynne

New Labour broadcast tells the personal stories of people who “make our Party and our country so special“

Tonight (Wednesday) Labour’s new party political broadcast presents the values which unite Labour supporters across the UK.

The broadcast highlights the shared beliefs of compassion and fairness that bind our communities.

Holly Ferguson, a firefighter from Sunderland, devotes her life to making people safe, but the cuts to public services are making this harder to do.

Youssef El-Gingihy, a GP in Warwick, speaks about the increased pressures of the job and the shared values at the heart of the NHS and the Labour party.

Chris Rawlins, runs a community sports co-operative in Gloucester. His football team is “as near to ‘the many’ as you’ll get”.

Andy Welford, a dairy farmer from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, puts food on people’s tables at the same time as stewarding the land for future generations.

Commenting on Labour’s new broadcast, Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary said:

“Holly, Youssef, Andy and Chris serve their communities every day and are the people who make our party and our country so special. They keep us safe, healthy, produce the food we eat and are the people we rely on to make sure we all have a better future.

“They are supporting Labour because they see in us a commitment to support them to improve public services, their communities and to invest in the green technologies of the future.

“A General Election is on its way and I would encourage everyone who shares this vision to join Labour and take part.”


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Come on then boy’s, let’s go!

All of those buildings on the horizon is where my grandad was born, so we haven’t moved very far. So we look at ourselves as not only putting food on people’s tables but also looking after the countryside and looking after the land and we hope to be able to hand that on to future generations.

Yeah it’s important to be strong, especially in my case. So I’ve been a firefighter for nearly ten years now. When I’m feeling tired and we’ve had a busy day and I’ve got to get up and do it all again, I just remember why I joined the fire service in the first place which was to help people and to serve the community and try and do as best a job I can.

Who’s better at football?

Me, cos he’s old!

So this is the community section of Abbeymead Rovers Football Club. The guys who come to play football here come from all sorts of backgrounds so it’s probably the broadest cross section of footballers you’ll find anywhere in the UK. For the many is exactly what you’re seeing played out on this field tonight.

I’ve been a doctor for about fifteen years on the NHS and a GP for, well about eight years now. I went into general practice because you’re right at the heart of the community. You get to know your patients very well and you hopefully look after them as we would all like to be looked after when we re vulnerable and needy.

I’ve noticed a real difference since I joined in terms of the cuts. The cuts that we’ve had on us just means less firefighters, there’s less appliances and just makes the job so much harder to do. Which makes it a lot less safe for the community that we’re here to serve.

As a doctor working in the NHS, yeah it’s definitely much tougher than it was when I started out. There’s a lot more pressure, you find yourself at times  unable to have the time, the resources to deliver the care that you always want to you know. So that’s frustrating, it makes you feel angry.

I think Labour offers the opportunity of going in a different direction, as put forward by Jeremy Corbyn which involves more vibrant public services, a bit of renationalisation where that’s sensible and the green industrial revolution to revitalise our economy and tackle the pressing problem of climate change.

Jeremy Corbyn for me has been a breath of fresh air in my thinking. Very down to earth, very open, very honest. He says it how he sees it.

I think that a Labour government absolutely has a lot of common and shared values with what brought me and what keeps me in medicine as a GP and with what the NHS embodies, which is social justice and equality and the community where there is solidarity amongst people.

A Labour government would mean more money in the fire service and public services in general. Therefore, making the community safer for everybody and so it’s about trying to make life the best for as many people as possible.

Let’s build a country that puts the people before the privileged few. Search ‘Join Labour’.