Thursday 24 September 2020 / 1:00 PM Mental Health / Rosena Allin-Khan

NHS staff mental health sick days figures – Rosena Allin-Khan responds

Official NHS figures released today have revealed that over 500,000 sick days taken by NHS staff in England were lost to mental ill health in May alone.

Labour’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP has said that the figures must serve as a “wakeup call”, and called for a meeting with the Government to discuss proposals for an urgent package of mental health support for health and care staff.


Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Mental Health Minister, said:

“These statistics must serve as a wakeup call for the Government. At a time when COVID-19 related sickness absences were going down, mental ill health absences were soaring.

“Our health and care staff have sacrificed so much during this pandemic – it demonstrates why Labour’s ‘Care for Carers’ package is so vital. Dedicated mental health support should be available for all health and care staff.

“Since launching the package in June, I have requested meetings with the Government – it is a disgrace that this offer has not been taken up. I urge the Government to reconsider our offer.

“Ahead of winter and a second spike, the Government must learn the lessons of this spring. We must fight for the mental health of those who have supported us so courageously during this crisis.”