Tuesday 17 August 2021 / 10:30 PM Foreign Policy / Home / Nick Thomas-Symonds

Nick Thomas-Symonds responds to the Government sanctuary scheme for Afghan refugees

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the Government sanctuary scheme for Afghan refugees, said:

“Britain has an obligation to people in Afghanistan – it is right we have a scheme in place to help them rebuild their lives here.

“The Government’s incompetence in failing to plan for this has left huge numbers of Afghans’ lives in danger today, especially those who served alongside the British and women and girls. After such catastrophic errors, the Government must step up with a more urgent plan of action.

“This proposal does not meet the scale of the challenge. Not only does that risk leaving people in Afghanistan in deadly danger, it will also undermine the leadership role Britain must play in persuading international partners to live up to their responsibilities.”