Wednesday 13 March 2019 / 10:18 AM Barry Gardiner

No Deal tariff consequences of the government’s failure – Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner MP, Shadow International Trade Secretary, commenting on today’s publication of a No Deal tariff regime, said:

“We now see the consequences of the government’s failure to negotiate a workable agreement with the EU. UK companies will now face competition from a flood of cheap imports that undercut them putting thousands of jobs here at risk. It is extraordinary that the government has instituted these measures without consulting business and giving no time for them to prepare or adjust.

“In a No Deal scenario, when our exports to the EU would be subject to new tariffs making them more expensive to EU consumers this is a double whammy on UK manufacturing. The fact that government has exempted cross border trade with Ireland only opens up a backdoor route for smuggling and risks creating the very divergence of customs regimes between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK that parliament has been so determined to avoid.

“This has been rushed through to avoid a surge in consumer prices. Labour’s alternative would mean zero tariffs remain where zero tariffs already exist and would ensure continuity of existing trade without the threat of dumped goods from overseas undermining our producers.”